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October 31, 2006

Super Mario Quilt Block

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Mario Quilt

Everyone loves Super Mario! This guy is great for quilting beginners as it uses only 2 inch squares — no tricky angles! It’s a bit of an odd finished size so you might want to add fat borders to make it a more regular size.

I finished this quilt and posted a finishing tutorial here.

Red fabrics (less than a yard total)
Brown fabrics (less than a yard total)
Yellow fabrics (less than a yead total)
Some other color fabrics for the background (one yard total) (I chose green and blue)
Note: I used the same solid fabric for each color. However, I think it would look great with different cottons of the same shade.

Sewing machine
Rotary cuter
Cutting ruler

1. Cut the following amount of 2″ squares for each block in your quilt: 46 reds, 44 yellows, 64 browns, and 117 background squares.
2. Begin piecing the squares together to make the following single color chains:
Red — 1 nine piece, 1 five piece, 1 four piece, 1 two piece, 1 eight piece, 1 six piece and 2 three pieces.
Brown — 6 two pieces, 5 four piece, 5 three pieces, and 2 five pieces.
Yellow — 5 two pieces, 6 three pieces, 1 four piece and 1 seven piece.
Background — 3 five pieces, 7 four pieces, 10 three pieces, 1 six piece, and 11 two pieces.
3. Piece the rest together following the pattern.
4. A finished block is 21.75″ wide by 25.25″ tall.

Pattern (Click to view and download large size.)

Mario Quilt Pattern

Note: I left off a row in the blocks that I pieced at the very bottom. You’ll notice his shoe is only two rows tall but in the pattern it is three.

Mario Quilt


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