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November 10, 2006

How to tie a scarf

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If you live in a cold part of the world (like I do) then you are probably wear a scarf almost everyday. After wearing scarves the same way everyday is boring and I realized that there has to be some sort of cool way to tie it that is both functional and fashionable. After playing around for a bit I made up this way to tie a scarf. Now, it may well could have already existed and I am just claiming an already created scarf knot made my Miss Famous McScarferson or something, but until informed otherwise, I will claime this idea as my own.


Scarf (preferably one that isn’t too fat, as it will be in a knot around your neck.)

Step one:

how to tie a scarf

Drape scarf around your neck.

Step two:

how to tie a scarf
Then shorten the left side of the scarf wrapping the right side around your neck. There should be a part of the scarf around your neck with the tails of the scarf on the sides.

Step three:

how to tie a scarf
Loosen the part around your neck by shortnening one side of the scarf.

Step four:

Position the scarf so that the longer side of the scarf is hanging in the middle of the loop around your neck.

Step five: (Complicated part)

how to tie a scarf
This is the “over under” part of the scarf trick. Take the shorter side of the scarf and bring it over the loop while putting it under the longer side of the scarf (still in the middle of the loop).

The result should be a nice little knot that you will make you look cool and keep you warm this winter.

Note: This may be something you have to play around with a bit to get it right. Also, I cut myself off in all of the pictures because I was sick and therefore looked disgusting. Happy scarfing!


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