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November 30, 2006

Santa bags

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Finished santa bag

I know seeing Santa in the title of the post may alarm you as per my previous vow to celebrate fall. It is after all still November. I am writing this post so you all can get ahead on Christmas gift ideas. Plus, Thanksgiving is over so there are technically no more fall holidays to prepare for. Over Thanksgiving weekend my mom and I made these Santa bags and plan on putting our holiday goodies in them. Its a nice alternative to the traditional tin people give away cookies in, plus they are really cute.

Materials Needed

-Red, gray,black felt (I bought red glitter felt because I like the bling, but regualr felt is fine)
-1 inch ribbon (ribbed or plain is fine)
– White furry fabric
-Acrylic glue
-Sewing machine or extreme patience/perfect hand sewing

Santa bag materials

Step 1:
Cut all your felt pieces.

First, cut out two equal rectular sizes of the red felt (just use your best judgement for measurement, mine is like 12 inches tall, 7 wide) Then cut one red felt piece that is as long as the two sides plus the bottom of the rectangle (and about 3′ wide). This will be sewn to the other to the other and act as your sides and bottom.

Cut a black piece of felt as wide as rectangle pieces (Santa’s belt)

Lastly, cut a belt buckle out of gray felt.

Step 3: Glue “belt pieces” onto the front of bag.

Step 4: Sew buttons onto felt (either 2 or 3 depending how big they are) above belt as if they are buttons on Santa’s shirt.

Step 5: Sew bag togehter. Starting on the sides sew longer piece of felt to the front of the bag. Sew so that there is an edge on the bag (ie just sew the pieces together on the outside of the felt).

Step 6: After sewing both rectangle pieces to the longer piece it should be like a box without a top. Now sew handles to the bag. On the pieces of rectangles spaced about 3 inches apart sew ribbon onto each side.

Step 7: For final touch glue white fluff around the top of the bag and it is finished! Now bake lots of goodies to fill your cute bag with.


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  1. very entertaining site, I wish I could do as good as you! jannet

    Comment by Web and blogs — January 17, 2007 @ 7:19 am |Reply

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