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December 6, 2006

Lighted Popourri Jars

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popourri jar
Now, before you get all “omg is this a country kitchen craft website? why don’t you just write instructions for how to make wooden dolls with no faces” I believe using popourri (and even a doilie) can be hip and these lighted popourri jars are a great holiday decoration or even a gift. Plus, very easy to make and inexpensive.


1 quart jar (like ones used for jam or applesauce)
1 strand 20 white lights
Bag of popurri
A doilie

Step one:
Make sure jar is clean and dry. Then place lights into jar.

Step two:
Fill jar with popurri as much as you can making sure that it goes in all the cracks.

Step 4:
Place doilie on top of jar and then secure with a rubber band.

Step 5:
Cover up rubberband with ribbon. I looped mine around a few times and then tied with a bow. Now you are finished and you can use it as a holiday decoration or give it away as a nice Christmas gift.

**I have been crafting and baking like crazy so expect a few posts for me about good holiday things to bake and create in the next few weeks.


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