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December 17, 2006

Melekelikimaka Ornaments

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I made these little ornaments to tuck into my Christmas cards. There was an accident in the middle of the night with water (when you have a small studio, your “eating table” is a few inches from your bed) and I lost all but these three! Also, I never had time to write out cards. But if I had, I would have put these babies in there. They aren’t that hard to make but I think it’s a cute idea because you can mail them regularly in a flat envelope. Take an afternoon to make these and send your friends/family something they’ll keep on their tree to think of you.

Paper — computer paper and cardstock

Hole punch


1. Pick a design for your ornaments. Print copies of that design onto computer paper.
2. Trim around the edges (but not right up to the edge, leave some elbow room).
3. Color your ornaments with markers. I suggest you invite your bf to help and put on Home Alone for best results.
4. When it’s all colored, glue it to the cardstock.
5. Trim closely around the ornament so you cut thru both the cardstock and the top colored image.
6. Use a holepunch to make a hole near the top. Thread ribbon thru the hole, a bead on the ribbon, and tie together.
7. Mail to your friends/family!



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