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January 11, 2007

Crochet Head Band/Ear Warmer

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Crochet headband

Since it is finally starting to get cold in New York I decided it was time to start wearing winter gloves, scarves and hats. Except that if I wear one of the awesome beanies I learned how to make (in non-crochet speak) then my hair is all messed up for my professional job. So, I invented this headband/ear warmer. It has buttons underneath so you don’t have to slide it on your head but instead can just button it on over your ears. Plus, it has a flower cause thats just pretty.

Materials needed:

Crochet needle
Sewing needle


Step 1:

Crochet (single stich) a rectangle long enough to touch behind your head and wide enough to cover your ears.

Step 2:
up close buttons
After you are done crocheting that you need to sew two buttons to one end. Loosen the yarn across from the buttons so that it loops around the buttons.

Step 3:

For the finishing touch I crocheted a little flower. Do this by doing a crochet chain and then link together to make a loop. Then keep on building off of that loop (same method) until you have a flower. Attach with a different color of thread by hooking to headband to make flower middle.

Crochet headband/ear warmer
Done, no more cold ears or hat hair 🙂


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