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January 23, 2007

Crochet Fingerless Gloves

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Crocheted fingerless gloves

These were a present for Miss Marie (modeling them above) for Christmas and awesome gloves because your digits are free to do things. I realize it is pretty cold outside for some people to expose bare fingers, but I still think these gloves rule.

Yarn (2 kinds)
Crochet needle (I use the second biggest one because I use fat yarn)

Do a single crochet stitch and measure it to your wrist, then loop the end of the yarn around making a circle. Continue to crochet until it gets above the bottom knucles of your fingers.

Then poke your thumb through the stitches and snip a piece of the yarn to make the thumb hole. (This part is tricky, you may have to do some knotting to avoid your whole glove coming undone).

Then around the hole do a single crochet stitch until it goes to the top of your thumb. Go back to the glove (switch colors if desired) and stitch until it is above your second knuckle. To see how to do the flowers check out this post I did awhile back.


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