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December 31, 2006

Beer Cap Earrings

Filed under: jewelry — by threadslinger @ 2:19 am

These were posted on an awesome craft blog I read Cut out and Keep so I decided to make them with my college sister who thought they were totally awesome.

Materials needed

2 beer caps (I picked matching ones but you don’t have to)
2 earring backs
2 metal jewlery pieces with a hook on the end (you could use metal wire here too)
Hammer and nail


Poke a hole in the beer cap by hammering a nail through it. Do it on the back side of the cap so that you don’t smash it in. Then place the metal through the hole, twist it around and loop through earing back. Then wear them to a Frat party (if you are Elaine) or to a bar (if you are me).

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