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January 27, 2007

We’ve Moved!

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Come join us at our new and improved location at (just drop the wordpress!)

We’ve got a new look and new flexibility!

We will NOT be updating here anymore so please change your RSS feeds and your bookmarks/links. Thanks! Happy creating!

November 17, 2006

Marie’s To Do List

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Of course, as the law school grind revs up a couple of steps, I can’t stop thinking of creative things.

Here’s what’s next on my crafting To Dos: Either use these as your own inspiration or come back over the next few weeks since you know that there are new things to enjoy!

  • Sewing machine cover: my machine sits on our desk next to the computer when I’m not using it. It’s not an eye sore (mine’s sexy) but I don’t want it to get dusty when it’s not in use.
  • Advent calendar: Caro and I have been tossing around ideas on how to make one for this season. I want to use felt, want it to be reusable in years to come, and want a place to keep a piece of chocolate in each pocket. Other than that? It’s still a work in progress.
  • Skinny dresser refurnish: I picked up this great dresser from the street and I’ve been painting it over. So far I’ve painted the base coat, it’s a rich chocolately color. Dots and stripes to come!
  • Pin cushion: My mom had a fabric cat cushion; craftsters have cupcakes and hedgehogs. I don’t know what mine will be but it is gonna be something cuter than a plastic box.
  • Finish Mario quilt: It’s all pieced together, I just have to find the perfect back fabric, bind it, and tie it to finish.
  • Top secret: Christmas present for my mom. I would post about this, but I think my mom reads the blog. I wouldn’t want to spoil here.
  • McCalls’ pattern vest: I got this great pattern to make vests. I loved vests when I was young and now they are back in the indie crowd. Yay!
  • Sean and I’s stenciled t-shirts: I am a stencil maniac. I have two designs in progress and then next up is, “think aloha” and “bring back naptime.”
  • Fabric holiday boxes: I have a pattern for these too. They use fabric and stiffener along with ribbon. I’ll use them to package presents.
  • Plunger cozy: Plungers are so ugly! Our toilet is moody so we have one in the bathroom but I hate showing it off. I don’t know what I want to put on it, but maybe I’ll crochet something to make it cooler.
  • Homemade rubber stamps: Caro’s local art store sells the supplies. I can’t wait to try it out since I love carving.
  • Cool appliques: I have this idea about taking appliques, such a granny-style of crafting, and make it cool with modern designs. I have no idea what I want to put those appliques on though.

What’s on your creative plate?

October 30, 2006

DIYnamite Index

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This post cross-references every project on DIYnamite. Please let me know if any of these links go the wrong place in the comments! Check back often as I will update this frequently.

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